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body piercings


Mostly they’re mixed with a version of septum piercing and two or extra lip piercing styles. Some lip piercings are designed to imitate the sweetness marks of icons like Marilyn Monroe and Madonna, while others which might be wildly in style like snake and spider bites mimic nature. The number of choices makes this one more really customizable way to interact in physique modification.

Dark Harbor Tattoo Society provides professional and sanitary body piercing providers in Portland, ME. We can do ears, nostril, tongue and lip piercings shortly and easily. Minors are also accepted-feel free to email for extra information. Body piercing is a big determination.

”¢ Jestrum piercings are similar to a medusa or philtrum piercing, in addition to a vertical labret piercing and are also known as vertical medusa piercings. It is completed on the highest lip, pierced from the philtrum of the upper lip proper beneath … Read More