4 Tips on Getting an Entry-Level Job in Entertainment

entertaiment job

Production Resources

Oversee the pictures and videography activities for the company. Manage content material, quality, and modifying to make sure an engaging experience for the audience. Must have 7 years of production experience and a bachelors degree. Some journey. Remote option.

Responsible for overseeing all actions for an adult/family viewers. Supports team as emcee. Oversees onboard Bingo program, handles administrative aspect of operation and corresponds with shoreside Bingo vendor. Manages overall ordering and stock. Creates daily work schedules for crew.

Oversees training for crew. Oversees provide inventory and ensures receiving of new provides. Creates daily work schedules for crew. Ensures cleanliness of areas to uphold USPH and Disney standards.

Responsible for the operation, day by day set/strike, supervision and maintenance of the Walt Disney Theatre and its productions/exhibits. Partners with Stage Manager regarding productions/reveals. Runs senior show tracks for all shows. Conducts routine upkeep checks.

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