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abstract artHis paintings, such as “Four Darks in Red” (1958) and “Orange, Red, and Yellow” (1961), are as notable for his or her type as they are for their massive dimension. Alternative reproductions of well-known work by Picasso. Applied summary style of Kandinsky. Designed in a modern style oil on canvas with elements of fantastic artwork pastel portray.

The Theosophical Society popularized the ancient knowledge of the sacred books of India and China in the early years of the century. It was on this context that Piet Mondrian, Wassily Kandinsky, Hilma af Klint and other artists working towards an ‘objectless state’ took an interest in the occult as a way of creating an ‘inside’ object. Your blog is basically helpful for non-artist people to help them with understanding what abstract artwork is actually.

In renouncing or drastically distorting natural shapes the summary painter makes a judgment of the exterior world. He … Read More