ART Jakarta: A Highlight of Galleries to Visit

art galleryIda Bagus Putu Purwa’s (or shortly Purwa) idea of artwork works is his steady search of freedom. His work talk about human our bodies in a true search and longing for freedom, realizing that human existence or ones’ due rights was given to them since birth.

Gajah Gallery, Singapore – Though in Singapore, Gajah Gallery hosts contemporary artworks from the region with an emphasis on Indonesian up to date arts by senior artists. Semarang Gallery, Semarang – The art gallery in Semarang is a dedicated venue that raises awareness on the up to date artwork scene by connecting young abilities to a rising audience of art appreciators. RUCI Art Space, Jakarta – As a young gallery, RUCI Art Space is among the many few who has stored up with an increasingly artistic-hungry audience to focus on and raise awareness about local emerging artists. In the past several years, artwork throughout … Read More