How to Interpret Abstract Art

abstract artFigurative artwork and whole abstraction are almost mutually unique. But figurative and representational (or practical) art usually incorporates partial abstraction.

They have been dedicated to machines not so much as devices of production however as sources of mobility in fashionable life. While the notion of business processes led the employees, who participated in them immediately, towards a radical social philosophy, the artists, who had been detached from manufacturing, like the petit bourgeoisie, may know these processes abstractly or phenomenally, of their products and outward appearance, in the form of site visitors, cars, railroads, and new cities and within the tempo of city life, rather than of their social causes. The Futurists thus came to idealize motion as such, and so they conceived this movement or generalized mobility primarily as mechanical phenomena during which the types of objects are blurred or destroyed. The dynamism of an auto, centrifugal movement, the dog … Read More