Modern & Contemporary Art Gallery London

contemporary artFounded in 2016, hase29 is a young artwork affiliation located in a former supermarket in the City of Osnabrück. According to the Chairwoman and IKT member Elisabeth Lumme, the aim of the association is to make contemporary art extra accessible to a wide viewers and to open up the potential of inventive research for coping with the current via current exhibition themes. One of the only yet profound works of latest art that I ever noticed was by a British artist referred to as Richard Long. In 1967, while touring between his home in Bristol and his artwork school in London, he stopped in a grassy subject the place he walked backwards and forwards, many times, till he had flattened the grass enough to create a line, very like a observe across the field. He took a photograph and referred to as the ensuing work A Line Made by Walking.… Read More