Understanding Abstract Art: The Secret to Making Sense of Modern Abstract Art — Art is Fun

abstract paintingBy the end of the course you’ll have created a number of paintings which discover totally different ideas of summary artwork in your individual style. You could have additionally additional developed your understanding of abstract painting.

The major unifying factor amongst all types of summary artwork is that the work is non-goal and non-representational. This means that the paintings does not deliberately seem like anything. Abstract art may be based on a kind that exists in reality, or it can be based purely on the imagination. In abstract artwork, the process is usually just as essential (if no more necessary in the experience of the artist), than the ultimate product.

The history of art isn’t, nonetheless, a history of single willful reactions, every new artist taking a stand opposite the last, painting brightly if the opposite painted dully, flattening if the opposite modelled, and distorting if the opposite was literal. … Read More