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The Most Important Factor: The Right Pouring Medium

In this section you’ll discover heavy body paint as well as fluid colour, prepared to use. You can additional manipulate their characteristics with assistance from acrylic mediums.

Some acrylic mediums, such as retarding medium and move improver, are actually components, although, and don’t have the same acrylic binders that the paints and other mediums do, so observe the directions on the container when mixing them together with your paints. Golden Acrylic Retarder’s instructions warn that if you add an excessive amount of of this to your paint, it won’t dry. There are many choices for acrylic portray surfaces.

It’s the properties of the binder that make acrylic paints so completely different from other media. The acrylic binder is fast-drying, making acrylic paint ideal for layering, making use of thick impastos, glazing and scumbling.

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