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contemporary artOn the opposite hand, if we have a look at the development in the past forty years since Ars Electronica’s foundation, we will see that artists who have accompanied us for the reason that very beginning are undoubtedly now additionally recognized on this so-called modern artwork market. Examples include Roy Ascott, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Christa Sommerer to name a number of, in addition to Marko Peljhan, who presents his work within the Slovenian Pavilion on the Venice Biennale this year and who will display his work at the competition on the nexus of the Theme Exhibition and the Gallery Spaces. The authentic hole between “media art” and “contemporary artwork” not exists as such. Media has become part of our every day lives, so modern artwork is media artwork. For the previous three years, the Ars Electronica Festival has been presenting the Gallery Spaces format, which sees itself as a platform for … Read More