Definition, Elements, and Types of Drama types

Definition, Elements, and Types of Drama types

Have you ever performed a drama? Whatever you know about drama. This article will give you an explanation of all matters relating to drama, ranging from understanding, elements to the type of drama. Please note carefully.

Definition of Drama

Drama is a story that is displayed in public, in the form of dialogue or conversation. Even in drama, it is also accompanied by actions to attract individuals who see the drama in performance. Drama can also be defined as a work of art in the form of staged dialogue. Then how can we understand the languages  in the drama? The next discussion will explain this.

Understanding Languages  in Drama

The situation of the main language in the drama is called dialogue. Dialogue becomes the most important part of a drama. There are several things that must be considered related to the language in drama. These things are as follows. Dialog. Dialogue deals with actors or actors in the drama. Dialogue has units called “turn to talk”. Dialogue in drama and action cannot be separated, because it contains conflicts that are called circular and without conflicts called serials. The text in the drama is different from the narrative text because it is an action. Every dialogue in the drama is a reflection of actions, conflicts, and events. Prologue and epilogue. Prologues and epilogues in drama describe drama as a game that expresses moral messages, warnings, and reflections on values. Prolog serves to explain and expose the situation in the drama. Meanwhile, … Read More

The importance of art studios for the preservation of regional culture

The importance of art studios for the preservation of regional culture

The art studio is a place or means used by a community or group of people to carry out art activities such as dance, painting, craft or craft, acting, etc. The activities that exist in an art studio in the form of learning activities about art, which includes processes from learning, creation to production and almost all processes are mostly carried out in the studio (depending on the presence or absence of facilities in the studio), for example when producing works in the form of objects (sculpture , paintings, handicrafts, etc.) then the final process is marketing or exhibition, if the artworks produced are performing arts (theater, dance, pantomime, etc.) then the final process is a performance.

Art Studio For Local And Local Communities

An art studio is included in the type of non-formal education. Art studios are usually established independently or individually, regarding the place and learning facilities in a studio depending on the condition of each studio there are very limited conditions but there are also those who have complete facilities, in addition to the system or all activities that occur in the art studio is very flexible, such as regarding administrative procedures, procurement of certificates, learning related to learning methods to evaluation, etc., following the rules of each art studio, so that the art galleries with one another have rules that are not necessarily the same. Because it is established independently, art studios are usually private, and for the equalization of educational results must go through an … Read More

Good Drama Text Structure

Good Drama Text Structure

In writing a drama script, one must pay attention to several things, including the composition or structure of the script or drama text.

Structure of texts or drama scripts

Before you write a drama script you need to understand the structure that builds the drama script. According to Herman J. Waluyo, the structure of the drama script includes:

a. Plot / plot

Story plot or plot, i.e. story storyline or story frame from beginning to end which is a tangle of conflict between two or more opposing characters.

b. Characterization and characterization

Characterization is closely related to disposition. Characterization is an arrangement of characters that play a role in the drama.

The characters will then be explained physically and psychologically so that they will have different characters or characters.

c. Dialogue (conversation)

The hallmark of the drama script is the script in the form of precip or dialogue. Dialogue in drama scripts is in the form of communicative languages ​​as mock everyday languages, not written languages.

d. Settings (place, time and atmosphere)

The setting is also called the setting of the story which is the depiction of the time, place, and atmosphere of the occurrence of a story.

e. Theme (story base)

The theme is the main idea that underlies a story in the drama. The theme is developed through a dramatic plot in the plot through antagonistic and protagonist figures with opposing dispositions to allow conflict between the two.

f. Message or author’s message.

Consciously or unconsciously the author … Read More

580 Summary Painting Ideas In 2022

580 Summary Painting Ideas In 2022

Most Famous Abstract Work At Present

abstract painting

It resembles the distinction between the permanence of floor and everlasting changeability of water. Moreover, in some of the cultures square is the image of the Earth element. Water is ‘represented’ with the greyish-blue mass of the background, crossed with the move of orange, purple, red, bright-blue figures.

Well-known Modern Paintings Distinctive Aesthetic

Abstract paintings have a way of creating strong feelings and connections with their audiences. Remember, there is no right or incorrect approach to interpret abstract art. We’ve shipped millions of items worldwide for our 1+ million artists.

Tableau I by Piet Mondrian The refined and harmonious stability that Mondrian painstakingly sought and achieved in this sequence of paintings is far more than merely a formal train. Rather, the canvases represented for the artist a microcosm of his utopian vision of the world.

abstract painting

Composition I by Theo Van Doesburg Van Doesburg’s concept of ‘Elementarism’ was primarily a dynamic development from the Neo-Plasticism he had pursued at the side of Piet Mondrian in the early Twenties. Both these pioneers of abstraction had based their joint aesthetic, which for a time they known as ‘de Stijl’ , from a recognition of the need for art to maneuver beyond easel-portray and from their utopian perception within the power of such an art to form the world. Each in their own method sought to determine a practical blueprint that gave harmonious pictorial expression to their shared philosophical view of the world as an entity comprised of … Read More

Acrylic Paint On Steel

Acrylic Paint On Steel

Acrylic X22 Clear 3

acrylic paint

23ml Jar of Tamiya X-11 Chrome Silver color Acrylic Gloss Paint. 23ml Jar of Tamiya XF-sixty two Olive Drab color Acrylic Flat Paint.

23ml Jar of Tamiya X-10 Gun Metal shade Acrylic Gloss Paint. 23ml Jar of Tamiya XF-60 Dark Yellow shade Acrylic Flat Paint. 23ml Jar of Tamiya X-22 Clear colour Acrylic Gloss Paint. 23ml Jar of Tamiya XF-7 Red shade Acrylic Flat Paint.

“It is very helpful and tells me what I must do. Told me tips on how to take away paint from the wood.” Try a solution of equal parts water and rubbing alcohol. Depending on the material the backpack is manufactured from, you could possibly anticipate it to dry, then peel it proper off. Other than that, the directions on this article ought to be helpful. It can be really powerful to get paint stains out of clothing, so it might or may not wash out.

Products Of Pastime And Mannequin Acrylic Paint

acrylic paint

This sturdy paint is utilized for industrial use, as it is quick-drying, helps stop rust and provides very good coverage. 23ml Jar of Tamiya X-2 White shade Acrylic Gloss Paint. 23ml Jar of Tamiya X-7 Red color Acrylic Gloss Paint. 23ml Jar of Tamiya XF-19 Sky Gray colour Acrylic Flat Paint.

Like people say about watercolours – know when to STOP. I do it as a result of I like the impact; the canvas texture exhibiting via “cell-holes” within the paint. If you don’t have it to a … Read More

Forty Summary Portray Concepts For Beginners

Forty Summary Portray Concepts For Beginners

Abstract Portray Ideas For Newbies

abstract art

Massive Canvas Wall Artwork, Trendy Canvas Wall Artwork, Hand

The depiction of water in your canvas is a beautiful form of abstract painting. Sometimes all you have to do is let go off your aware self and simply let your brush swiftly move throughout your canvas and see what comes out and belief us generally the results will simply amaze you.

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abstract art

Try making various kinds of textures in your canvas in numerous colours or decide a single color and you will get essentially the most summary type of art work proper in front of you and if you do it proper you gained’t seem like a beginner in any respect. Portray a view of the town with streets and lights and buildings around, preferably an evening view in your canvas and there you go with your abstract artwork piece.

This thought is indeed one of the 12 Abstract Painting Ideas For Beginners. Put up a summer time climate or a winter morning or an autumn day or a spring season in your canvas with a mix and match of some colors and you are … Read More