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Most Famous Abstract Work At Present

abstract painting

It resembles the distinction between the permanence of floor and everlasting changeability of water. Moreover, in some of the cultures square is the image of the Earth element. Water is ‘represented’ with the greyish-blue mass of the background, crossed with the move of orange, purple, red, bright-blue figures.

Well-known Modern Paintings Distinctive Aesthetic

Abstract paintings have a way of creating strong feelings and connections with their audiences. Remember, there is no right or incorrect approach to interpret abstract art. We’ve shipped millions of items worldwide for our 1+ million artists.

Tableau I by Piet Mondrian The refined and harmonious stability that Mondrian painstakingly sought and achieved in this sequence of paintings is far more than merely a formal train. Rather, the canvases represented for the artist a microcosm of his utopian vision of the world.

abstract painting

Composition I by Theo Van Doesburg Van Doesburg’s concept of ‘Elementarism’ was primarily a dynamic development from the Neo-Plasticism he had pursued at the side of Piet Mondrian in the early Twenties. Both these pioneers of abstraction had based their joint aesthetic, which for a time they known as ‘de Stijl’ , from a recognition of the need for art to maneuver beyond easel-portray and from their utopian perception within the power of such an art to form the world. Each in their own method sought to determine a practical blueprint that gave harmonious pictorial expression to their shared philosophical view of the world as an entity comprised of a set vocabulary of varieties. A harmonious pictorial resolution of those fundamentals reduced to their barest essentials – line, color, house – may, they believed, lead in the end to nothing lower than the institution of common concord of life on Earth. Rhythm by Robert Delaunay Delaunay utilized his pictorial language of simultaneous contrasts of colours to round forms. These paintings revolutionary as a result of they not discuss with the exterior world however quite to the non-goal realm. Yet, as Relief; Rhythms demonstrates, there is an allusion to the celestial our bodies of the sun, the moon, and the planets.