art printsLimited version prints are handled and distributed by Erik Johansson and out there in the webshop. Our limited version prints are numbered and should you choose a body it will be handmade and custom mount to perfectly suit your print. Frames are obtainable in pure wood, white and black finish.

Modern Girl 3

A good industrial aesthetic sits proper on the intersection of minimalist and concrete grit. Imagine Industrial Revolution-era original manufacturing unit fixtures meets hip urban graphic designer working in a downtown loft. There you go.

All prints are professionally printed on the best media with options for Fine Art Rag paper, Metallic Paper, Cotton or Canvas. A prime quality print is the true method of experiencing Erik’s work. Prints can be found in three totally different sizes; Small, Medium and Large.

Looking to add a splash of sample and a pop of colour? Look no additional than our collection of prints taken from real life slices of geodes.

Most of them in limited edition. Use the contact kind to inquire about availability and pricing. Contact me with your inquiries and requests regarding fantastic art prints of my work and I’ll get back to you with all the small print. Many of the images I took in the course of the course of my long relationship with the continent can now not be captured. Fortunately some at the moment are available as fantastic artwork p rints, produced with considered one of images’s most enduring printing techniques; the platinum printing course of.

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Cape Town, South Africa