Knowing more about Types of Textile Crafts

Textile crafts are one of the most common types of handicrafts. You can find it in shopping centers and souvenir shops. The large number of textile crafts is because the textile industry is quite large, so many craftsmen make textile-based crafts to be created into various forms of display. Textile crafts can make the selling value of the textile itself higher because the manufacturing process requires special skills.

Textile Crafts

What is Textile Craft?

Textile craft is a work of art made from textile base materials. Textiles are materials made of fiber and processed from threads and fabrics. The fiber material used can be either natural fiber or man-made fiber. The natural fibers used can be natural fibers, cotton fibers, to straw fibers. Meanwhile, artificial fibers are made from 100% synthetic or 50% synthetic materials mixed with natural fibers. Natural fibers used as textiles will produce textiles with better quality than materials made from artificial fibers. Until now, the development of handicrafts is still going hand in hand with the innovation and creativity of the craftsmen. Textile craft are basically only divided into two parts as follows:

1. Modern Textile Crafts

This modern craft is a type of craft that is efficient, easy, not labor-intensive, so the process is fast because it uses tools that are mostly run by machines. Examples of modern crafts are clothing, shoes, bags, to household items such as pillowcases, tablecloths, curtains, and so on.

2. Traditional Textile Crafts

Traditional crafts require manual work to make, so it takes quite a long time. Examples of these traditional crafts are regional clothing, complementary decorations, embroidery, patchwork, and traditional fabrics such as batik cloth, songket cloth, woven cloth, and so on. There are also household items made with traditional crafts. Household items made from traditional textiles usually have a higher price because they have more detailed shapes and decorations