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Lovegrove’s Beatle inspired art exert their presence within the Garden through a big portray of the Fab Four from their Yellow Submarine album. The painting serves as a backdrop on the stage (which she’s named Leopiville) where Lovegrove could also be discovered giving a “Painting Out Loud” performance for particular company and charity occasions. Our family business presents all kinds of different products. We can custom body all of it from A to Z or may help brighten any room with one of our hundreds of “prepared to hang” footage. We’ve been designing and adorning something art related for more than 30 years.


Take a glance into Harlem’s wealthy social life because it became an influential heart of American tradition during the Harlem Renaissance.

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Look via an inventory of notable works, personally selected by our curators, to search out new insights about the artists and discover interesting particulars behind their most important creations. Our Blog Dive into diverse viewpoints on artwork, education, analysis, and internal perspectives from voices across the gallery.

art gallery

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Discover compelling stories of creativity, battle, and resilience on this new set of assets for K–12 educators that includes works of art that reflect the richness and variety of the folks, locations, and cultures of the United States. Write a three-part poem imagining a journey via the surreal landscapes of twentieth century painter and poet Kay Sage.