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The Definition of Art

The title of the work, Impression, Sunrise not only provided critics with the title that the movement would later receive, but in addition conveys the transitory, fleeting and subjective nature of the painting. It is Monet’s visible impression of what he noticed during that dawn.

Neo-Impressionism Pointillism.Neo-Plasticism the art principle of de Still which represented type as horizontal and vertical strains and which excluded all colours besides the primaries, black, and white.New Realism a term used to describe a trend away from summary expressionism toward a subjective expressionism specializing in true-to-life forms, the factual, and simply evident varieties.nocturne a painting of a night scene, a genre particularly favored by Whistler. See also music.nuditarian an individual who advocates the examine of the nude physique or determine.origami the Japanese artwork of paper folding. —origamist, n .ornamentalism 1.

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