MS Fiction and Entertainment

entertainment programThe Fiction and Entertainment program is organised as a 12 months-long thesis venture. The three-semester sequence begins with a focus on worldbuilding, strikes into storytelling within the second semester, and ends within the ultimate semester with a concentrate on production. Within this framework, college students are encouraged to develop their very own unique body of work that will take the type of quick movies, animations, music movies, documentaries, video video games, VR environments, theatre experiences, or performances. The core of each semester is the design studio during which students develop their very own project through group and individual work with program coordinator Liam Young and program faculty Alexey Marfin.

Marketing research techniques, together with psychographic approaches, shall be explored. Students may also talk about how to brand, create impressions, design messages, and develop campaigns. Cultural norms may even affect marketing technique so we will have a look at a worldwide … Read More