Abstract Art Movements

abstract art

Striped – Pop Art Girl – Incl. Frame (95x95cm)

To perceive why some folks hate abstract art, you must understand why they like different types. Let’s take a look at one opposite of abstraction – Americans are rather infamous for loving Impressionism. While those exhibitions typically really feel like they play on a loop it’s not tough to see why they’re so well-liked. Impressionist work are normally filled with bright colors (gentle pastels or rich jewel tones) and glimpses of joyful individuals enjoying the pleasures of on a regular basis life. At the core, they’re aesthetically pretty and easy on the eyes.

With his Fauvist shade and drawing Matisse comes very close to pure abstraction. Abstract artwork, non-figurative artwork, non-objective art, and non-representational art are carefully related phrases. They are related, however perhaps not of similar that means. I even have used abstract art on two occasions at sidewalk chalk … Read More