Origins and Schools of Abstract Art

abstract paintingMany different abstract artists have been influenced by psychology. Jackson Pollock started Jungian psychoanalysis in the late 1930s, in an attempt to remedy his alcoholism.

Afterward you possibly can take away all traces of actuality.” Browse our curated choice of summary items, both massive- and small-scale, to create cohesive areas in your home. Bold blues. Streaks of gold leaf. Forms swirled together.

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That was in reality a slogan of Le Corbusier, the architect, painter and editor of the magazine L‘Esprit Nouveau. With the strategy of the disaster of the Nineteen Thirties critics like Elie Faure called on painters to abandon their art and turn out to be engineers; and architects, in America in addition to Europe, delicate to the increasing economic pressure, though blind to its causes, identified structure with … Read More