Penrith Regional Gallery

art galleryGajah Gallery, Singapore – Though in Singapore, Gajah Gallery hosts modern artworks from the area with an emphasis on Indonesian up to date arts by senior artists. Semarang Gallery, Semarang – The artwork gallery in Semarang is a dedicated venue that raises consciousness on the up to date art scene by connecting young skills to a growing audience of art appreciators. RUCI Art Space, Jakarta – As a younger gallery, RUCI Art Space is among the few who has stored up with an increasingly artistic-hungry viewers to spotlight and raise awareness about local emerging artists. In the previous a number of years, artwork across the nation has seen an unparalleled growth of appreciation. It’s manifested by a sprouting number of independent art galleries in main cities the place they exhibit the works of homegrown artists.

Galeri Hadiprana is the longest operating gallery in Jakarta, promoting fine art in Indonesia. Born … Read More