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500+ Abstract Art Pictures

500+ Abstract Art Pictures

abstract art

Abstract – Paintings & Artworks

It is, actually, part of the favored attraction of Van Gogh and Gauguin that their work incorporates (and with a far higher power and formal coherence than the works of other artists) evident longings, tensions and values that are shared at present by 1000’s who in a technique or another have experienced the identical conflicts as these artists. The tragic lives of Gauguin and Van Gogh, their estrangement from society, which so profoundly colored their artwork, had been no automatic reactions to Impressionism or the consequences of Peruvian or Northern blood.

In his abstract two-dimensional painting, Kandinsky succeeds in guaranteeing that the spectator can feel and listen to a complete orchestra taking part in a Wagner opera. sense of concord and equilibrium within the work.

You can feel the strength of the portray from throughout the room. You can stand in the space the artist … Read More

500+ Abstract Art Pictures

500+ Abstract Art Pictures

abstract paintingThey made it attainable to enjoy the remotest arts, these by which the represented objects had been not intelligible, even the drawings of youngsters and madmen, and especially primitive arts with drastically distorted figures, which had been regarded as artless curios even by insistently aesthetic critics. Before this time Ruskin might say in his Political Economy of Art, in calling for the preservation of medieval and Renaissance works that „in Europe alone, pure and precious ancient artwork exists, for there is none in America, none in Asia, none in Africa.“ What was once thought of monstrous, now turned pure kind and pure expression, the aesthetic proof that in art feeling and thought are previous to the represented world. The artwork of the whole world was now available on a single unhistorical and universal aircraft as a panorama of the formalizing energies of man.

Agnes Martin

In the Renaissance the development … Read More

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