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Media Planner

Partners with Port Adventures to make sure easy dispatch operation on port days. Oversees all music offerings and manages Musician schedules. Partners with Entertainment Technician team to ensure steadiness of background music, shifting/set-up of Musician gear, costuming needs, etc. Communicates with Cruise Director and Shoreside Director, Entertainment Operations regarding consistency of operation between ships, present quality, crew scheduling, group performance, and so forth. Manages onboard grownup/family operational budget.

The problem with trying to get on as a set PA for a film is that more than likely that AD already has his workers he knows so it’s onerous to get your name within the pile UNLESS you understand someone on that present. You can always cold name the production or e mail the precise address the manufacturing lists on production weekly however as a former office PA, I know we rarely read that e mail. It’s a catch-22 … Read More